We wanted to help build a more caring coffee industry.

We wanted to be able to enjoy the coffee machines that we all love in the most environmentally friendly & cost-effective way, whilst drinking exceptional coffee.

To balance an elegant eco experience with cost effectiveness and convenience.

We understand that a reusable coffee capsule on its own is not enough to make an impact. We are continually striving to create the best & most sustainable experience possible - from capsule to coffee to community.

People wanted change.

Our founders, Mike and Charlie, created Beau because they were tired of the waste that is created by using single-use coffee capsules. When they asked around, they found that a lot of other people felt the same guilt that they felt, so they took it upon themselves to do something about it.

So, we are striving to make every inch of the company sustainable.

For every pack of Beau Capsules purchased, we clean up 1kg of plastic from the ocean (in partnership with 'Big Blue Ocean Clean Up' charity. That's the equivalent of 200 single-use pods!

p.s. all of our packaging is reusable, biodegradable or recyclable.

Pioneering "Made To Order", or  Production On Demand (POD) as we like to call it.

What if didn't produce anything until it was demanded? What if products were made to last as long as possible? What if they were designed with care and precision so you wanted to use them forever?

How would planet earth look then?