How are Beau Capsules different or better than other reusable coffee capsules?

When we were designing Beau Capsules we tried and tested every other reusable coffee capsule on the market. During this testing period we found various issues, such as, capsules not fitting machines, coffee not flowing through the capsules properly and the coffee coming out weak. 

By doing this testing first, we were able to take the best parts of all of the other reusable capsules and use them to create Beau Capsules which are now without a doubt the best reusable coffee capsules in the world. 

And we didn’t stop there! We are now on our 4th generation design and are continuously striving to improve our capsules to give our customers the best experience possible.

Which machines do Beau Capsules work with?

Our capsules work with almost all machines.  If you want to know the compatibility for a specific brand of capsule, check the product page.

For Nespresso Original (Most Popular):

The only machines NOT compatible are the Krups Essenza Auto Family (Old Version), MI-Schishare, Delonghi EN97, Magimix M100 and the Essenza C100.

If you are not sure whether your machine is compatible, drop us an email at support@beaucapsules.com, or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram, and we will aim to respond within 24 hours :)

How do you clean Beau Capsules? Is it easy?

Yes , it’s super easy, just follow this simple 3 step process (total cleaning time = 30 seconds):

 1. Remove the lid and pour the coffee into the bin (food bin if you have one). You can use a knife or spoon to assist if needed.

2. Rinse the capsule and lid under warm water for 10-15 seconds.

3. Dry with a tea towel or leave out to dry.  

After multiple uses, you may want to take the silicone seals off to clean underneath them. It’s super easy and will only add a few more seconds.

How long do they last?

If you take care of them and wash them after each use, they can last for 10+ years. 

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we are very confident in our capsules so we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. 

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied within 30 days of placing your order, then we will happily provide you with a full refund.

To apply for a refund just follow the simple steps below:

 1. Contact our support team at the following email address (support@beaucapsules.com), request a refund and explain the reason why you want to receive the refund. We advise using videos or images to help demonstrate any issues you are experiencing.

2. Our support team will respond within 48hrs to inform you that your refund request has been received. 

3. Return the capsules to the address below and send the shipping receipt to the member of Beau support team you are in contact with and they will process your refund immediately.

Return Address:

Beau Capsules Ltd, The Park, Olney Road, Weston Underwood, Olney, Buckinghamshire, MK46 5JZ, United Kingdom

Email: support@beaucapsules.com

Please note that we are a small company that ships all around the world so we are not able to offer free returns at this time.

What is the expected delivery time and do you ship to my country?

We ship to most countries around the world. If you are unsure, feel free to drop us an email at support@beaucapsules.com.

United States & Canada:

Standard 3-12 Business Days - FreeExpress 3-5 Business Days - $19.99


Standard 3-12 Business Days - FreeExpress 3-5 Business Days - $19.99


Standard 3-12 Business Days - FreeExpress 3-5 Business Days - $19.99

Middle East:

Express 3-5 Business Days - $29.99


Standard 5-15 Business Days - FreeExpress 6-10 Business Days - $3.99

United Kingdom:

Standard 3-12 Business Days - FreeExpress 3-5 Business Days - $25

South America:

Standard 5-15 Business Days - $3.99

Standard 5-15 Business Days - $3.99

Doesn't the machine pierce through regular capsules? How do stainless steel Beau Capsules work in my machine?

Beau Capsules are slightly shorter than the classic capsules and are shaped so the machine does not have to pierce through them. They have a specially designed filter on the inside of the lid to let the water pass through without any trouble. 

How do you make a strong coffee with Beau Capsules?

The most important thing is the type of coffee you use. We recommend going for a dark roast profile and a grind size of 142 microns (most coffee roasters will know what we mean).

If you'd prefer to go with a big name brand then our other customers recommend Lavazza Crema e Gusto.

This one may seem obvious but another way to increase strength is to reduce the amount of milk/water you add.

Finally, if you really want something to know your socks off, then you can use 2 capsules to double the strength of your coffee.

How hard should I press the coffee?

We recommend pressing the coffee lightly. If the coffee is tamped too firmly, the water can struggle to flow through at a good extraction rate.