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Well Done!

I am using the Beau Nespresso capsules with Dynamite Coffee in Black Mountain NC supplying Honduran Dark in their expresso grind. I follow your prep directions. Every cup has been as good or better than the proprietary Nespresso capsules. I am more than satisfied with the product.

Do they actually work?

Has anybody been able to get these capsules to work? If so, what is the secret?

Lavazza Capsules

I love the idea of these capsules so much but they do have some draw backs. They are quite hard to prize open to refill. I have been using these in our self catering and guests love the concept but they do seem to get jammed in the machine a lot. Some guests just seem to give up and I find the capsule stuck in the machine. When allowed to go cold, it is a nightmare to open to clean. I quite like the coffee it produces and followed the guide on brands that work well. However, our guests complain that it is too watery compared to the Lavazza store bought capsules. Given this is for different people to use every week, I suspect I need to do laminated set if instructions. Overall, I love the idea but it is an expensive purchase which probably means it should be a tad easier to use than it is.


Which will work for caffeluxe

Sheena McCuaig
Works great

Just one problem, I had ordered two sizes and the pods are not marked so how do you which size to use? If the tops were marked as to volume 40, 80, 150, 230 that would make life easier.