Beau Reusable Coffee Capsules for K Fee® B 

"Love everything about Beau capsules, they are really trying to make a difference and the coffee tastes great!" - Amy Costello, Beau Customer


Beau Tamper


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Douglas Francois

L'option satisfait ou remboursé n'est pas respectée. Le café est nettement moins bon malgré l'utilisation d'un café moulu de grande marque que les capsules traditionnelles. Malgré différents courriels envoyés aucune réponse de l'entreprise Beau Capsules. Dommage pour la planète.

Paula Roca
Llegan a Cuernavaca, Morelos, México?

Llegan a Cuernavaca Morelos en México?? Me avisan?

Robert Hoggard
Very poor support

Placed an order with wrong size. Emailed immediately to change the size. Was confirmed that the order size was corrected. Received the wrong size. No longer respond to my order. No support in what they offer or say. Integrity is obviously not part of the program. Disappointing as I am a big fan of this idea but can’t endorse a program that does not support the initial sale. I hate giving a bad review but this kind of service does not deserve praise.

Claudia Andrea Geywitz

Mi pedido aun no llega y no tengo como hacer el seguimiento de éste
envié un correo y no hay respuesta

Cristian Soto
No llegan a tiempo

No a llegado desde la compra que se realizó. 20/10/2022
No es confiable.

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