Beau Reusable Coffee Capsules for Nespresso®

"The order was processed and delivered very quickly. I have a Krups machine, which as promised, it works great with. Easy to clean. Thank you, love the product and would definitely recommend."

- Lucy Cran, Beau Customer 


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Which will work for caffeluxe

Sheena McCuaig
Works great

Just one problem, I had ordered two sizes and the pods are not marked so how do you which size to use? If the tops were marked as to volume 40, 80, 150, 230 that would make life easier.

Choose your coffee carefully

For my Nespresso, I first tried them with one brand of coffee and they worked well. However, I then tried them with another brand and the water barely came through initially, then completely stopped after about 15 seconds as it seems like the grind was too fine and blocked the holes in the pod. Both brands were an espresso grind.

Either stick to the same brand of coffee, or experiment and keep notes as to what brands work for these pods. I can understand that it was the fault of the grind of the coffee, but it's disappointing that you have to be so selective in order to get the pods to work, because one of the advantages of the pods is that you can select your own coffee brands.


Wow! It is an amazing consept, but very, VERY pricey!

Leo Wigglesworth
4 stars!

Hi! I came back to revise my 1 star review to 4 stars. I am revising my review because instead of grinding my own coffee beans, I picked up one of the coffee brands recommended by Beau customers and this created a good cup of coffee with lots of crema. It's all about getting the right grind size and so grinding the beans yourself is hit and miss - a lot of miss for me. But using the Lavazza Rosso finely ground coffee, for instance, worked. Not quite as good as the original Nespresso pods, BUT if you're into saving the environment by avoiding needless waste then these are definitely good enough. Now, I am on the hunt for a local roaster who uses sustainably farmed coffee beans and can match the finely ground consistency of the Lavazza Rosso.

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