Beau Reusable Coffee Capsules for Vertuo®

"I love making my coffee every morning. I really feel like I’m creating the coffee I’m drinking rather than just sticking a pod into the machine." - Holly Hunt, Beau Customer


Beau Tamper


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Fabiana Naxara poli
Ótimas cápsulas

Minha nespresso agora é sustentável. Com uso dessas casulas meu café está ótimo como sempre e mais ecologicamente correta.

Tea ?

Is it possible to make hot tea or tisane using Beau capsules ? Any advice on filling the Beau capsules would be welcome.

Paula Roca
Llegan a Cuernavaca, Morelos, México?

Llegan a Cuernavaca Morelos en México?? Me avisan?

Jesús Preciado
I just loved them

Wonderful quality, enjoy the coffee of your choice instantly, without polluting the planet.

Beau for Nespresso

I love my Beau capsules but it would be great if there was a pod - filling cylinder included. I had to ad lib by using a piece of cardboard rolled up to the correct width of the capsule . It works

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  • How long do they last?

  • Is there a money-back guarantee?

  • Don’t Nespresso recycle their capsules? Why are Beau Capsules better for the environment?

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  • How hard should I press the coffee?