Exceptional Coffee Without The Waste.

"I love my Nespresso - but I hate that I couldn't use my own coffee! Beau capsules came around right when I needed! It works, its easy to clean and seems like it will last forever. Worth it!"

- Kathleen Furr, Beau Customer

Expertly crafted reusable capsules for Nespresso® Original, Vertuo®, Keurig®, Dolce Gusto®, Lavazza® and more...

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Why Beau Capsules?

♻️ Never throw a pod away again

Beau Reusable Capsules are expertly crafted from stainless steel and can be used for 10+ years.

💰 Save $1000's on coffee

The average coffee pod machine user spends around $450 per year. Ground coffee from local roasters or the super market is up to 79% less expensive than pods.

🏡 Support local businesses

Now you can fill your Beau reusable capsules with delightful, organic coffee from your local roasters and help your community thrive.

🐳 Clean up the ocean

It is not just about making future coffee sustainable, there's a lot of cleaning up to do too! So, for every Beau Capsule purchased, we clean up 1kg of plastic waste from the ocean (in partnership with 'Big Blue Ocean Clean Up').

🎁 The perfect gift

Beau Capsules are the perfect, unique gift for any family or friends that love coffee and care about the planet. Get them quick and make their day!

  • Ocean Clean Up Project

    In partnership with the 'Big Blue Ocean Clean Up' charity, we are cleaning up the equivalent of over 200 plastic/aluminium pods for every Beau Capsule sold.

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  • Supporting Local Roasters

    Our Reusable Capsules give you the opportunity to drink locally created coffee and local roasters the capability to offer their coffee to the huge capsule market.

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  • Production On Demand

    To minimise our carbon footprint, we only ever produce the precise amount of stock we need to deliver. Step 1. Order - Step 2. Manufacture (FAST) - Step 3. Deliver

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  • "So nice to be able to enjoy my Nespresso machine without the guilt of single use pods.
    I can also chose any coffee I want to use so it is a win win! Pods are very easy to use and clean."

    - Denise Salmon, Beau Customer

  • "Love these capsules. They are very good quality and fit my nespresso innisia machine well. I am satisfied with the experience. Recommended!"

    - PS Wong, Beau Customer

  • "LOVE your reusable pod ! Took couple days to get correct grind (using cheap blade grinder) & I shud have bot 2 pods ! LOVE not using Nespresso pods ! (so much waste going in landfill)."

    - Betty Summers

How it works

Step 1 - Fill the Beau Capsule with your favorite coffee.

Step 2 - Press the coffee down with the Beau tamper.

Step 3 - Pop the capsule into the compatible machine.

Step 4 - Create fresh, organic, sustainable coffee.

Step 5 - Rinse and repeat.